Special: This Company’s Share Price has Increased 1650% Since 2016

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A Controversial Company with a Potential Double-Digit Gain

A Controversial Company with a Potential Double-Digit Gain

This gene editing company, LogicBio Therapeutics (Nasdaq: LOGC) focuses on developing medicines to treat rare diseases in patients with unmet medical need using GeneRide technology platform.

  • Special: This Company’s Share Price has Increased 1650% Since 2016
  • The four-year-old biotech company is planning to seek FDA approval for its first clinical trial by the end of the year. According to Boston Business Journal,

    “The treatment, LogicBio executives said, could be the first form of gene editing used in infants and children, opening up the experimental field to a wider array of patients.

    LogicBio’s first focus is methylmalonic acidemia, a hereditary disorder that leaves patients — usually infants and young children — unable to process certain proteins and fats, causing everything from weak muscles to intellectual disabilities, according to the NIH.

    Children with the disorder who survive infancy face a life expectancy of between 20 and 30 years, according to Kyle Chiang, LogicBio’s vice president of product strategy. The rare disease affects roughly one in 50,000 children.”

    Gene editing is a controversial field that has been viewed with anticipation and skepticism. If successful, the technology could remedy genetic diseases for which there are no treatments. But various studies have indicated that the approach could cause unwanted genetic changes, immune responses and tumors which is concerning.

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  • “The 32 employees at LogicBio are taking different approach to gene editing that could be more durable treatment for pediatric patients while bypassing safety concerns.

    Unlike CRISPR/cas9 — which uses so-called genetic scissors to cut into and insert, remove or replace genes — LogicBio is adapting an established form of gene editing called homologous recombination, in which strands of DNA are incorporated into the gene sequence naturally.

    LogicBio is using two homologous gene strands to ferry a corrected gene into the DNA sequence, remedying the disease-causing error in a process similar to the one being used by Bedford biotech Homology Medicines (Nasdaq: FIXX). The approach avoids many of the elements used in other forms of gene editing that have been linked to potential off-target effects.

    Homologous recombination generally does not integrate the corrected gene into a high percentage of cells, Chiang said. LogicBio’s challenge is two-fold, because gene therapies are often administered in the liver, but infants and children’s liver cells divide and multiple much more frequently than in adults, degrading the treatment.

    Chiang credits the durability of LogicBio’s treatments to its target on the DNA chain: the albumin gene. The gene is highly active in the liver, which means that the effect of the correct genes that are integrated into a patient’s cells is amplified, he said.

    LogicBio executives believe the company’s approach could also be replicated in muscles and elsewhere in the body.”

    Gene editing has commercial potential and this company could benefit in the near future.

    LOGC daily chart

    LOGC should be considered a buy if momentum continues.

    Look for an entry at $9.74 with a price target of at least $12.51 based on the pattern in the chart.

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